The BHS Future Innovators Pathway is part of a statewide High Quality College and Careers Initiative to prepare all students for in-demand career fields.

The goal is to fosters students’ interest and focus on becoming lifelong learners and engaged community members who think creatively and critically about real world applications.

Students gain a foundation in the underlying principles of computer science, valuable in a wide range of fields. No computer science experience or honors courses are required. Students will be part of the Amazon Future Engineers Program, with support from leadership from technology companies.

Amazon Future Engineer (AFE) Pathway.

With cloud computing ranked as the #1 LinkedIn skill for two years in a row and with millions of employment opportunities currently available in the cloud, the AFE Pathway provides students an opportunity to learn in-demand skills at a young age, setting the stage for a future cloud-enabled workforce.

“This program from Amazon will play an important role in helping make computer science education — and high paying jobs — a reality for female and underrepresented, minority students”
— Hadi Partovi,’s founder and CEO, in the Amazon statement.