Mission Statement

The goal of BHS Career Exploration Program is to empower students to make informed decisions about their future plans.

By participating in activities ranging from basic self-assessment to job shadows and internships, students have opportunities to identify their interests and aptitudes, to develop a realistic understanding of various careers and academic paths, and to make a plan detailing how they will achieve their aspirations. Through a collaboration between community leaders and professionals, BHS educators, and local businesses, the Career Exploration Program helps students connect their current learning with potential occupations, highlighting the skills they need to find success. It provides students with the information and experiences necessary to create effective academic and career plans.

Career Speaker Sessions

Job Shadow

Senior Internship

What people are saying about BHS Career Exploration...


“The BHS Internship program is a great way for students to get real world experience. Hosting a senior who is yearning to learn more is a great way to nurture our future leaders.” -Mr. Mistler, BHS Teacher & Host


“I worked with the school psychologist to help integrate students with behavioral issues back into their classrooms. Some tasks included working on social skills in a group or a more focused session for students who may be going through a difficult time. Overall, the internship exposed me to a number of different paths into the area of my interest. I got to see the dynamic of how psychology plays a role in the faculty-to-student relationship in a high school and also an elementary school. The internship helped me gain knowledge and become more aware of what each faculty member does for the students of a school.” -Jillian Rigby, Intern at BHS Guidance Department & Pine Glen Elementary School



"My internship could not have of been more valuable. It really kick started my career. It helped me transition from being a kid to an adult in the real world. For kids who plan on going into the workforce, I would highly recommend an internship. Working instead of going to school opened my eyes to what life is like when you graduate and are supporting yourself. Without my internship, I would have been a step behind in the working world. The transition helped me mature as an adult and as a worker." -Chris Corbett, Intern at Burlington Recreation Maintenance


“I was extremely impressed by the program. It was an amazing way to get real life experience. I would absolutely tell the future seniors to do an internship; it was a transformative opportunity.” -Chris Kergo, Intern at Veterans Office


"I LOVED my internship, many of the students I worked with were kids I had known for years through my community involvement. I would definitely recommend the internship program to future seniors! It's a great chance to get out in the real world and see if you enjoy that field before going to school and studying it for four years." -Nicole Smith, Intern at Francis Wyman Elementary School


“My internship taught me a lot of skills, particularly strengthening my communication with peers and superiors. I was able to take direction from them in the classroom and use it when I had the opportunity to teach. I also gained a lot of patience as I was working with twenty kids under the age of seven. I learned a lot and got to do something I love." -Jill Cooper, Intern at Mt. Hope Christian School


“I couldn't ask for my internship to have gone any better than it did. Before this opportunity, I was torn between what I wanted to specialize my teaching path in. My wonderful experience augmented making this decision. At the end of my internship I was offered a job as a substitute and TA for the summer program that the LABBB Collaborative offers." -Marissa Marciano, Intern at BHS LABBB Collaborative


“Throughout my internship I learned how to work in a news/tv studio environment. I was able to produce my own show for the high school, including being in charge of the pre & post production, camera work, sound, lighting, and editing. In addition, I worked as a co director with the Brio Integrated Theater on a movie they were producing. Throughout my internship, I learned to work with others and work with a deadline, both of which gave me valuable skills that will help me be successful with a career in the media field after college.” -Jacob Theirrien, Intern at BCAT