Job Shadow Day



Burlington High School students have the opportunity to shadow an employee in a field they are interested in.

Job Shadow Day allows students to gain comprehensive knowledge about what an employee who holds a particular job does every day. This experience lets the students see and understand the nuances and settings of a certain career field.

Businesses and Companies can create a Job Shadow experience that works for best for their company.

  • Host one or more students

  • Morning or afternoon, or the entire day

  • Shadow one employee or meet an entire team

Simply provide the school with a contact name, email, phone, title and profession, arrival time, and capacity. Students will contact hosts, get school approval and arrange for transportation. Please contact Associate Principal Deb Deacon 781-270-1844 with questions.


Eligible juniors and seniors were emailed a link to register for Job Shadow Day


Job Shadow Approvals


Job Shadow Day