An internship, by definition, should  include a specific learning objective.

Approved Burlington High School seniors will participate in an off campus internship opportunity during the 4th quarter of their senior year. Interns are looking to gain knowledge, skill, and/or further understanding of a particular industry of interest to them. Unlike classroom learning, students gain internship knowledge from on-the-job experience providing an experiential learning experience for all students.


Student interns are expected to intern between 25-30 hours per week from April 2nd through May 18th.  Hours will be determined by the host.  April school vacation is April 16th-April 20th.  Students should not be expected to intern during this week unless special arrangements are made with the student and intern host.


Say “Yes”

Duties and responsibilities should include tasks and projects that fall somewhere between making copies and mission critical.  The majority of the intern’s daily duties and responsibilities should provide a meaningful learning experience.  Interns should be encouraged to take responsibility for a regular task or duty and participate in active learning.   The primary goal of an internship program is a focus on learning. Interns are looking for guidance, to gain skill, and to hone their education with hands-on work experiences that will increase their understanding of the industry and prepare them for the workplace.

The internship host provides guidance and feedback facilitating the learning process.  Interns want to learn and feedback on their ‘on the job’ learning is critical to the success of the internship experience for the student and the host.  

Final Internship presentations will be May 23rd at 8am at Burlington High School.  

We hope you can join us!!

Sample Letter

To finalize approval of the internship process, we are requesting a letter from you, preferably on the company, school or organization letterhead stating your acceptance of your student intern. Feel free to use the following as a starting point for your letter:

Dear Burlington High School:

On behalf of (name of company, salon business, school), I am pleased to offer (student name) an internship at (our business, school, company, salon)  located at (address, city, state).

(Student Name) will work with (company representative/intern host) from the hours of (8:30-3:00, 9-3:30) daily during the internship program from April 8 - May 17th.  During that time (student name) will be gaining real-world experience through the following activities: (please list in detail the duties, tasks, responsibilities and learning the intern will gain).   

During the internship, if you would like to discuss (student name) progress, please do not hesitate to contact (give a contact name, phone number and email).


Internship Host


Burlington High School and the Business Community

Working together for student success!

Please contact Associate Principal Deb Deacon for more information at: or 781-270-1844