Who can become an intern?



Students whose project proposals have been approved, and who meet the following qualifications are eligible for the senior internship program:

  • Students must be scheduled for sufficient credits/courses to receive a diploma in June.
  • The student must be in good standing academically and may not have violated the discipline policy or the attendance policy as outlined in the student handbook.
  • Students must have teacher approval, verified by a completed Teacher Approval Form, and no outstanding obligations.
  • Students enrolled in AP courses, must remain in those courses until the completion of the AP exam.  Students may participate in the Internship Program on an abbreviated basis until the completion of the exams, pending teacher approval and approval from the internship host.  



Prior to the start of the internship, each student will submit a proposal establishing the guidelines, expectations and deadlines for their intern study project.  The proposal must include the following materials:

  • Letter of Intent detailing student goals for the internship
  • Rationale for the internship activity
  • Current resume and transcript
  • Site hours (schedule)
  • Site name (business/school/location), and host/mentor name and contact information
  • Letter of acceptance from host site
  • Description of final project

Internship locations should be secured by the student; however, the BHS internship committee will be available to discuss and assist students in locating appropriate placements.